How to prepare children for the time change

How to prepare children for the time change

Although many families do badly for the issue of the adaptation of children's sleep, the truth is that in many countries around the world, twice a year, the time is changed to take advantage of the sun's energy as much as possible.

In autumn, it is an hour late, so the children sleep more. In spring, it is an hour earlier, so the children sleep an hour less. Pediatricians advise preparing children before the time change occurs. How? We will tell you.

The Spanish Association of Pediatrics (AEP) advises preparing children a few days before the Time change so that they can adapt little by little to the new schedule. The change of time tends to especially affect children who have sleep problems, and can impair concentration and mood, and lead to irritability, anger and fatigue in children.

In general, the symptoms of jet lag vary according to the character and way of being of children, which means that it can affect some more than others. It is worse in the case of having to advance the time, since children have one hour less to sleep. For children who have a harder time adjusting to changes, doctors recommend some tips:

- Take 15 minutes ahead of eating and going to bed.

- Close the windows an hour before.

- Serve a very light dinner for the children.

- Avoid carbonated drinks and those that contain caffeine.

- Avoid prolonged naps.

- Avoid doing intense physical or intellectual activities in the hours before going to bed.

- Prevent children from having contact with electronic devices before going to bed.

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