Effects of slimming products in pregnancy

Effects of slimming products in pregnancy

Can you take weight loss products during pregnancy? Absolutely not. Medications, of any kind, during pregnancy must be eliminated, and only taken under medical prescription. So it is better not to go on a diet in this period of your life if it is not really necessary or is not indicated by an obstetrician. On our site we tell you why and what dangers these slimming drugs have.

During pregnancy, women usually gain between 1 and 2 kilos per month in a pregnancy without complications, since within those kilos is the weight of the baby, the placenta, the uterus, the increase in blood flow, the retention of liquids, and of course a little fat, which is very healthy as long as it is somewhat controlled. So really Those 10 extra kilos do not pose any problem for the body, and are totally necessary for the proper development of the baby.

However, there are very special occasions, in which being excessively overweight before starting the pregnancy, or a disease, such as diabetes, leads us to have to control the diet during those months, which should always be supervised by a doctor. In the rare cases in which weight must be reduced, what is healthy is a gradual weight loss through a varied and healthy diet, without sugars or excessive fats. In few or almost no occasions, weight loss medications are prescribed, since they are totally contraindicated during pregnancy.

On the other hand, drugs for overweight are rarely effective, only some medically prescribed are effective, and in very rare cases as we have said.

Diet medications are usually of several types:

- Those that have diuretic and laxative effects: They affect fluid retention and blood pressure, which can significantly affect the baby's progress due to dehydration, in addition to causing fatigue and dizziness.

- Those that stimulate the nervous system: They accelerate the metabolism to burn fat, and can cause irritability, muscle weakness, problems to breastfeed ...

- Appetite inhibitors: Some are made up of drugs such as caffeine or ephedrines, which have dangerous side effects such as addiction, endocrine damage, intestinal dysfunction or vitamin malabsorption, among others.

The danger of drugs in pregnancy increases especially when their sale is made on the internet or is not medically controlled, since these drugs can be false and hide under the guise of "natural herbs" some chemical compound that is harmful to the baby " as they are not controlled by the FDA.

If you really need to lose weight during pregnancy, it is best to do moderate exercise like swimming, walking or yoga for pregnant women, eat small amounts five times a day, substitute fruit for sweets, water for sugary drinks, and eliminate saturated fat from your diet.

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