Tricks for the autonomy of children that every parent should know

Tricks for the autonomy of children that every parent should know

Personal autonomy is one of the skills that children must acquire during the childhood stage. It is a fundamental capacity so that our children can be independent tomorrow, so that they learn to solve their problems or, ultimately, so that they can advance in their learning.

From home, with small activities, our children can learn to do tasks such as: putting on their jackets, tying shoelaces, using cutlery, blowing their noses ... These are the tricks that all parents must know to promote the autonomy of children.

Many times, parents, we anticipate and do not let the children grow: we put their jackets, we tie their shoes, we wash their hands ... Either for the rush of day to day or for comfort, we let them acquire that autonomy that they will need so much. However, it is our job as parents to teach them to carry out their own tasks so that they can develop other values ​​such as effort, improvement or cooperation.

1. Learn to put on the jacket: an old trick to stimulate the autonomy of children that also amuses them a lot. When the child tries to put on his coat like we adults do, the easiest thing is that he loses one of the sleeves and goes round and round trying to get it back to end up on the floor. However, if we put the jacket on the ground, you can put both hands through the sleeves at the same time, lift the jacket and ... proof achieved! Even a two year old can do it.

2. Tie your shoelaces: We tend to resort to velcro shoes to avoid problems, but ... until when? They cannot wear them forever and skip this learning. In order for them to acquire this habit of personal autonomy, you can download this cardboard template so that they can learn in a fun way. It involves drawing a shoe on paper or cardboard, making holes in it, passing a string through them and practicing. It is the classic trick of learning by playing, nothing is better for children.

3. Know which shoe is for each foot: The most normal thing if you leave a child only putting on his shoes is that he walks with the right foot on the left and vice versa. How to teach him? Until you can see that slight difference in the toe of the shoes, you can paint a face on the side or inside of the shoe. You have to explain that if the faces kiss, they will have the shoes on well.

4. Pick up your toys: If you don't have storage boxes at home, run for some. It is the best and fastest way to teach children to pick up their own toys without the help of an adult. Baskets or bags are our great allies so that they can do it alone. You can stop suffering from lower backs by picking up everything that is on the ground and you will only have to say ... pick up!

5. Teach them to undress: and also achieve it without getting stuck inside. To do this, they should wear pants or skirts with elastic, easy to get on and off, and wide-necked shirts instead of button-down shirts.

6. The stool trick: always have it handy so that the child can reach the sink to wash their hands or take a glass and fill it with water. And it is that the furniture in the house is not adapted to the height of the children, in such a way that, either we put them on the stool or we can also lower the most common utensils of use so that they can serve themselves, whether they are thirsty , hungry or want to read a story.

7. Learn to blow your nose: have a straw and a glass of water. Ask the child to blow and make bubbles. Repeat the process while playing to see how to draw air through the mouth, there is an effect after. Take the straw out of the glass and ask the child to blow again, when doing so, block the air outlet, this will automatically cause the air to escape through the child's nose. With practice you will learn to blow air through your nose. Then you will be ready to grab a tissue and blow your nose.

With these tricks, we can now stop complaining because we have to do everything and let our children start doing their homework for themselves. And if you know more tricks, don't forget to share them!

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