Perineal massage in pregnancy step by step

Perineal massage in pregnancy step by step

Perineal massage is a technique that consists of massaging the perineum of the pregnant woman to prepare tissues and muscles, making them more elastic for delivery.

The area where the massage is applied, the perineum, is the set of tissues that surround the vagina and anus, the area that dilates during the delivery of the baby. We teach you how to do a perineal massage in pregnancy step by step

Perineal massage applied by the woman or her partner frequently for at least 6 weeks before delivery has been shown to have efficacy in reducing vaginal trauma (mainly episiotomy) and postpartum pain in women who have not had a baby previously. In women who have already had one or more previous births, perineal massage has not shown preventive effects, but I still encourage you to practice it to have more awareness of the area and to be able to relax the perineum when your baby is born.

- It gives you body awareness. The perineum is an area that most women have forgotten. During the birth of your baby you will notice pressure and a burning sensation when the head comes out. Having these sensations present during pregnancy helps to know how to relax the area when it is time of birth, thus allowing your baby to be born smoothly and thus preventing your tissue from tearing.

- Provides more elasticity to the fabric. Massaging the area helps the tissues to become more elastic, so that they allow the baby to come out without tearing.

- Greater blood flow to the perineum. The simple fact of massaging an area of ​​our body increases the blood flow, thus we will be favoring a recovery of the tissues more easily, and we will reduce postpartum pain.

- Trust. Seeing and feeling for yourself that this area is elastic, that it can be opened easily and painlessly, will make you less afraid at the moment of delivery (when your baby is born). The woman's body is made to give birth, see for yourself.

The best time to start is around week 32-33 of pregnancy. Studies show that regularity is important in practice, so reserve a minimum of twice a week to be able to practice the massage (if you want you can do it more frequently, up to once a day).


- You can do it yourself or you can ask your partner to help you.

- If you have a urine or vaginal infection, avoid doing the massage until the infection has disappeared.

- Use a natural oil (it can be calendula, rosehip, olive oil ...) to lubricate the fingers and the perineum area.

Perineal massage in pregnancy step by step:

- Choose a time when you are calm and know that no one is going to interrupt you for the next 10 minutes.

- Wash your hands and keep your nails short so as not to hurt yourself.

- You can perform the massage semi-sitting on the bed, sitting on the toilet or standing with one leg resting on a chair.

- The first few times it is useful to use a mirror to see the area.

- Apply the oil in the hands and in the perineum area (outside between the vagina and the anus, and about 3-4 cm into the vagina, in the lower part of it).

- Begins massaging the outer part with one or two fingers, the tissue between your vagina and your anus, you can make circles and press inward on the skin, paying attention to whether you feel discomfort or resistance. Do this for about 2 minutes.

- Insert your thumb into the vagina about 3 cm (up to the first phalanx) and press down (towards the anus). If it is your partner who does the massage, he will do it with the index and middle fingers and you will guide him to exert a pressure that is a bit annoying, but without pain. Press down like this for about 2 minutes.

- Do the same towards the sides of the vagina, first to the right for 2 minutes and then to the left. The idea is that every day the fabric is a little more elastic. Do not massage the area above the vagina (where the urethra is, where the urine comes out).

- Finally, also insert the thumb of the other hand, and with both fingers make a back and forth movement to the sides, like making a "U", separating the thumbs upwards on the sides of the vagina and joining them below, in the lowest part of the perineum. If it is your partner who gives you the massage, continue doing it with both fingers, drawing a "U". Practice this last step for another 2 minutes.

In conclusion:

- Massage for about 10 minutes from the 32nd week of pregnancy.

- A minimum of 2 times a week.

- You may notice a burning sensation or discomfort, but in no case should you feel pain.

- Remember that the most important thing is that you have confidence in your body, that it is ready to give birth without tearing itself. The massage will help you get to know your perineum.

- If you have any questions, consult your midwife.

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