10 girls names with beautiful meanings

10 girls names with beautiful meanings

Choosing our baby's name is undoubtedly one of the most complicated decisions. Some parents have it decided from the first moment, but for others it can be a real headache.

Sometimes we get carried away by names that conquer us because of their sound or tradition, or simply because they are names that we have always liked or that we associate with people who are called that way and who convey good feelings to us.

At other times we prefer names that have a special or specific meaning to designate our baby. Like for example beauty or loveliness. From our site we offer you ten ideas of names of girls different origin and the same meaning: beautiful.

1- Isabel: the origin of this name is highly controversial. According to most experts, it has a Latin origin. It means 'health and beauty'. This name stands out for the large number of variants that we find of it such as: Isabela, Isabelle, Elizabeth, Lisa, Betina, Elisa, Elsa, Lisbeth, Liz, Elzbieta, or Bella among many others.

2- Adara: this name means 'beauty'. The origin of this name is Hebrew. We can also find the Adhara variant which is the name of a star. It is the name of one of the contestants on the Spanish reality show ‘Big Brother 17’.

3- Elena: it is a name of Greek origin that means 'beautiful like the sun' and also 'resplendent'. Its use is widespread throughout the world. There are numerous variants of this name such as: Aline, Alena, Ayleen, Ella, Laina Lenka, Nelier or Ylenia among others.

4- Aphrodite: is the name of the goddess of beauty and love according to Greek mythology. It means 'beautiful woman'.

5- Thais: means 'ray of light'. It is the name of a goddess who courted the men of the time to fight for her, in wars. Among the personalities that are called this way, the following stand out: the Spanish actress Thaïs Blume.

6- Briseida: she was a beautiful Trojan girl who was captive by the Greek hero Achilles. It means 'sensual and elegant woman'. It is a name of Greek origin.

7- Lara: is a girl's name of Latin origin. She was a water nymph, well known for her beauty. It was punished by Jupiter to eternal silence. Its name means 'protection of the home'. Lara Álvarez is the name of a well-known Spanish presenter.

8- Eider: It is a name of Basque origin and it means 'beautiful and beautiful'. It is a rare name.

9- Astrid: according to some voices it has a Nordic origin and means 'goddess of beauty'. According to other experts, its origin is Greek and means "the best." Among the personalities that are so called, we highlight Astrid from Norway: princess of Norway or the Mexican folk singer Astrid Hadad, among others.

10- Iliana: it is a name of Romanian origin and means 'of great beauty'. We also find the Ileana form. Among the personalities with this name we highlight the German-Venezuelan actress Ileana Jacket Aztriz and the Romanian opera singer Ileana Cotrubaş.

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