Chus drowns in a puddle. Children's Stories

Chus drowns in a puddle. Children's Stories

Children have a very personal and particular vision of the world, they see it from the eyes of innocence, so the explanation of the things that happen to them or that happen around them are also innocent.

This tale, Chus drowns in a puddle, tells the story of a girl who falls into a puddle of rain and does nothing to get up. Chus gives an explanation for what has happened to him that an adult would never give but which, nevertheless, we fully understand. They are children's stories to read with children and promote a taste for reading.

That afternoon the temperature was very pleasant and Chus's parents decided to go out for a walk with their little ones. The children dressed in their new raincoats and colorful wellies were perfectly equipped for that rainy day.

Three-year-old Chus and her brother Miguel, a little older than her, were playing a few meters later under the watchful eye of their parents.

Miguel started jumping over the puddles laughing out loud and Chus, as he always did imitating his older brother, started jumping too. The water splashed their faces but they laughed jumping through all the puddles having a great time making a great fuss.

Upon arriving at the park they met some friends of the parents and began to greet each other and chat animatedly.

Meanwhile, Chus and Miguel continued playing there with other children jumping in the middle of a large puddle that had been made at the foot of a slide.

Suddenly, Chus slipped and fell face down into the puddle without doing anything to get up. Miguel, seeing that his sister was not moving, became nervous and began to shout, warning his parents who were distracted by the conversation. Everyone ran in alarm to where the girl was to get her out of there.

- Why didn't you get out of the puddle? Her parents asked the girl.

And Chus, to everyone's surprise, answered:

- I thought I was falling apart.

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