The leg. Cri Cri song for children

The leg. Cri Cri song for children

Francisco Gabilondo Soler (known as Cri Cri) is a Mexican composer and singer-songwriter well known among children of an entire generation. His songs, which are already popular, were part of many people's childhoods, and now, they can also be part of your children's.

Here are the lyrics and melody of 'La Patita', a song about a mother leg and her ducklings, dedicated to all the moms in the world.

The leg,

basket and with ball shawl,

goes to the market

to buy all the things of the errand.

It shakes when walking

like ships on the high seas.

The leg,

he runs and looks in his bag


to feed their ducklings,

because she knows that when she returns

they will all ask:

What did you bring me, Mama Cuac Cuac?

What did you bring me for quack-quack?

The leg,

like you

basket and ball shawl,

like you

has been angry,

like you

because of how expensive everything is on the market.

Since you don't have to buy

he spends the day racing.

Their ducklings are growing

and they don't have little shoes.

And her husband

He's a lazy, scoundrel duck

that gives nothing to eat,

and the paw,

So what are you going to do?

When asked, he will answer:

for quack-quack.

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