What is reading for children. The viral note of a 7-year-old girl

What is reading for children. The viral note of a 7-year-old girl

When you discover reading one fine day, there is no going back. Suddenly your wings grow and you fly. It doesn't happen to everyone, of course, but it does to many. Some before, and others after. To Daniela, at 7 years old. Yes, at seven years old. It's true, it's very early.

This little girl's teacher asked the class to write in a few lines what reading meant for each of them. He asked for sincerity. But he never expected to find an answer as deep and direct as hers, Daniela's. Only 7 years. Find out what reading means to children. Here is the answer that makes us adults reflect.

Daniela's note went viral on social networks. Her teacher, Ángeles Lara, proud of her student, uploaded her to Twitter. Immediately afterwards he received a barrage of messages. Most, astonished at the words of this little girl. This was the writing of Daniela, a 7-year-old girl living in Ceuta, about the reading:

"Life is not just being glued to a little machine and the internet, it is living on the edge and I don't mean jumping the walls of school, I mean reading because if you read it is not necessary to escape because you've already escaped through the books. "

Many people found it hard to believe that someone so small understands reading as an act of freedom. Normally, at that age, children read for fun or simply because they are forced. It is not until later, when children suddenly discover an exciting world in reading. However, this writing on what reading is for children, shows that literature does not understand ages.

Before the incredulous messages of many, responded the teacher, who assures that it was not a dictation, but a free text, in which each one had to express what they felt before the books. The girl's own mother wrote to ensure that no one had told her anything. And to clarify that Daniela is like that, free, creative and original.

Free. That is maybe the word. The same one that the little girl used as a keyword when thinking about reading. Books offer freedom. You can escape, think what you want, feel what you want ... no one can stop you, or clip your wings. Great definition, amazing definition, to read to all children.

Reading can start from pregnancy itself. Babies begin to hear their mother's voice and learn to recognize it from before they are born. It is an ideal time to start reading stories. And since babies, yes, even if you think that they are still not capable of understanding anything .. You can tell them stories, with the help of a little 'theater'. Very short stories, because when they are very young, their attention span is less.

But as they grow up, and when that wonderful moment comes when they learn to read, then yes. Bet on leaving stories, adventure books in their hands ... And discover the amount of benefits they have for them:

- Encourage the imagination. Books are stimuli for fantasy and imagination, a very powerful engine to encourage creativity.

- Enhance critical thinking. Help children to reflect and think. It helps them to know each other better and to think about everything around them.

- It helps them recognize their emotions. Characters in stories are a great vehicle for helping children recognize basic emotions, as well as giving them tools to manage those emotions.

- Improve your reading comprehension. The more they read, the easier it is for them to study later, as their reading comprehension will greatly improve.

- Improve your vocabulary. It is certainly quite evident, and it does not usually fail: children who read more have a richer vocabulary than those who do not read. It is obvious, since we do not speak as we write. We tend to specify and synthesize more when using oral language.

- Boost memory. As you read, the area of ​​the brain that recognizes and files words is activated. Many times we reread a phrase because it is attractive to us, and we exercise our memory with the intention of retaining an idea.

- Transmits values. One of the great advantages of books for children is that they can also be used as a vehicle for transmitting values ​​and teachings.

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