You would post your pregnancy photos on Facebook

You would post your pregnancy photos on Facebook

Women are only comfortable with our tummy when we are pregnant because we consider her to be beautiful and sexy. After the love handles, the flaccidity and excess volume make us complex, it invites us to buy shirts and t-shirts one size larger so that they do not mark our waist so much.

I still remember the first day of the pool last year, when a neighbor approached my friend and congratulated her on her new pregnancy. She, who has two children, said "thank you, but no, it's that this gut, well, well, I'm fat". My neighbor did not know where to go, did not know what to say, or how to apologize ... and her entire body, her gestures, her face, her gaze ... said" Tierra, swallow me! "

While we are pregnant, many moms feel sexy and beautiful, that is why they are encouraged to upload their pregnancy photos to social networks. We throw you a question: Would you post your pregnancy photos on Facebook?

Being pregnant is like a liberation for many women. To celebrate the news that they are expecting a baby, they decide to send the belts for a walk and show off your pregnancy with tight clothes, attractive and feminine, that reveals its status. The objective is make the most of the changes who is experiencing the body and living each of those days as if it were the last to get the most out of its beauty. A beauty that many famous people have been able to exploit on the covers of the checkbook-based magazines, reflecting in the mirror of the photographs the luminosity of her skin, the shine of her hair and the rounded shapes of her developing anatomy.

Since Demi Moore appeared nude and pregnant on the cover of Vanity Fair, many other actresses and protagonists of the press of the heart have followed her example. A morbid in full expansion that will probably decide to try Victoria Beckham, who is now expecting her fourth child and who, at last, will be a girl. But money is not the only thing that moves these women to show their pregnancy. Recently, the singer Pink He has posted some pictures of himself on Facebook proudly showing off her pregnancy and this phenomenon continues to spread. With the rise of social networks, it is becoming easier to show off your pregnancy palm and pregnant pride for friends and family.

Most of us have photos from our third month of pregnancy onwards. I recognize that I am one of them and that I enjoyed doing them. I loved looking at myself in profile and from the front, and noticing how the first curve was already noticeable from the chest and the changes that my navel was experiencing. Like me, many mothers keep their photo gallery of your pregnancyBut would you post your pregnancy photos on Facebook and make them public?

Marisol New.

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