Advantages and disadvantages of the menstrual cup for teens and moms

Advantages and disadvantages of the menstrual cup for teens and moms

Since we know it, it has revolutionized intimate hygiene industry on the shelves of supermarkets. In recent years it has become fashionable, and more and more women have changed tampons and pads for the menstrual cup; it is more hygienic, more ecological, cheaper in the long run, and innocuous for the body What more could you ask for ?!

She has many loyal users, but also staunch detractors who look at her with suspicion, and the menstrual cup either raises passions or just the opposite. We tell you the advantages and disadvantages of the menstrual cup, so you can decide for yourself what you like the most.

It seems something new, but it is not, menstrual cup It has been around for almost a century in the United States, after being patented in 1930. Our grandmothers know it better than we do, and maybe some of them even used it regularly.

The menstrual cup is a very simple device consisting of a kind of "Menstruation picker" cup-shaped, of silicone or latex, which is inserted into the vagina. Does not absorb blood, if not that collects it, and this is the main difference with the other products for menstruation. With what, when removing the cup from the interior, it can be emptied quietly in the toilet, you do not need a waste bin.

The menstrual cup makes a light suction cup inside and there is no problem that you can get out in no time. To be able to remove it, just pull the tail that it has, and press with your finger on the side so that a little air enters and comes out more easily.

There are different sizes, from for women under 18 years of age and who have not had sexual intercourse, that is, adolescents with their first rules; and even for moms.

Some women refuse to use it because It seems "dirty" to them, since it must be inserted and removed with the hands, and we may get stained during the operation. However, the opposite is true, since the blood that is collected It does not smell, the same as the cup itself which is made with surgical silicone. Leaves no residue inside made of fibers of any kind, it does not have bleaching agents that are harmful to the body, and it does not touch the cervix, but remains in the vagina; contrary to what happens with tampons.

In the case of having to change in a public bathroom, it is enough for us to take a packet of wipes to clean ourselves and clean the glass; When we leave we wash our hands and that's it!

Is totally ecological, since it is reusable for about 10 years, and we do not throw anything into the toilet. Its production is also more ecological than that of tampons or pads.

Its price, although it is more expensive at first than any other intimate hygiene product, it's cheaper in the long run, since they last many years.

It has the advantage that bacteria do not usually settle on the silicone, so it does not produce in Toxic Shock Syndrome, and just boil it after each use so that it is completely disinfected.

Its capacity is 30 ml, which makes it last for us, without the need to change, up to 12 hours.

At first it may be a bit uncomfortable to put on, and there are women who find it difficult to adapt to it, however, it is only a matter of time and trying different positions when inserting it into the vagina.

You already know what are the advantages and disadvantages of the menstrual cup, without a doubt, you will consider it as an option.

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