The danger of having high glucose in the first weeks of pregnancy

The danger of having high glucose in the first weeks of pregnancy

We knew about the disadvantages that high glucose can have for pregnant women, but the truth is that a recent study has revealed a not reassuring data, and that is that the effects of blood sugar It can be much more worrisome than previously thought.

According to a recent study, high glucose in the first trimester of pregnancy can cause babies to have cardiovascular diseases at birth, even if the mothers are not diabetic. We tell you what the Dangers of having high glucose in the first weeks of pregnancy.

The hyperglycemia o Excessive blood sugar during pregnancy is a common disease that usually disappears after delivery. The consequences for the fetus is a overgrowth, and a higher probability of suffering from childhood obesity, since approximately two thirds of the mother's sugar goes to the baby. If the mother has high blood sugar levels, that extra dose of glucose can overload the child's pancreas and produce more insulin. This will affect the development of the baby, who may grow larger than normal and be larger than average.

Now, a group of researchers from Stanford University, United States, have published in The Journal of Pediatrics a very worrying fact for future mothers: excess blood sugar during the first weeks of pregnancy could also damage baby's hearteven if the mother does not have diabetes.

During that first trimester of pregnancy is when the baby's heart is formed, and in the event that the mother has an increase of more than 10 mg / dl of glucose in the blood, it can increase the chances of that by up to 8%. the future child is born with a heart defect.

A simple blood test It can uncover if we are indeed suffering from gestational diabetes. It is diagnosed when the pregnant woman undergoes the O'Sullivan Test, better known as the blood glucose curve; in the event that the pregnant woman has high rates, she should follow a special diet and perform a series of exercises to control blood sugar levels. But the worrying thing is that this test is not normally performed until the 24th week of pregnancy, which would be too late since the fetal heart would already be fully formed.

This study has been carried out with a follow-up for 14 years among almost 20,000 women, and its results have been very significant, although it is intended to continue with it to demonstrate a definitive way their conclusions and thus early diagnose the risk of heart disease in children.

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