Clothes in English for children

Clothes in English for children

Learn new vocabulary in English


By eight months, the baby can produce sounds of whatever language it has been exposed to.

For this reason, the sooner a baby is exposed to other languages, they can learn more than one language at the same time. Natural way effortlessly and achieving a perfect pronunciation.

Other method teaching languages ​​to children, which has shown good results in childhood, is the"Preview Review", which consists of the translation of each word and each concept.

It is the most used among children from 3 to 6 years old, but it requires a lot of effort by the educator, since the type of sentences to use have to be short and very clear.

Learn the vocabulary clothing is easy and fun.

You can teach the child every word while you dress him, so he can assimilate it with little effort and in a fun way.

By four months a baby can distinguish when spoken in different languages ​​and understand the meaning of words and phrases.

With the new language learning methods, specially designed for learning from 0 to 3 years old, the baby receives a early stimulation which will also facilitate the learning of multiple intellectual activities.

The sooner we start to instill new words in them, the better and more natural their second language will be.

Flashcards in English for children is one of the star activities for the development of the brain and the learning of the child.

Is about cards with pictures of the subject that we are working on at that moment, for example the parts of the body in English, we will teach them the cards and repeating the part of the body several times at the same time that we gesticulate to get the child to attract more attention.

Jolly Phonics is a method designed toPronounce correctly and adapt the speech apparatus of children.

This method to avoid speaking with an accent is currently being widely used to complete the bilingual education, since it is focused on the pronunciation of English phonemes from an early age.

These simple words are perfect for your child to start studying English.

Are easy and short to pronounce, so they do not present too much difficulty.

The little ones have to study a second language as if it were something natural, it is the best way to assimilate it as a second mother tongue.

Your baby has the ability to learn English naturally and spontaneously from four months.

Parents do not have to master the language to be able to teach your children, the important thing is to look for the right tools to promote learning and have the desire.

One of the most effective methods for children to learn English is the OPOL "one person one language"In which each parent speaks a different language.

The brain totally differentiates that there two languages and you will have to use one in each situation.

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